has been started in March of 2020 by Tim Veldhuis to promote the brand Simagic in The Netherlands and Europe.

"I have been active since 2015 in the field of webshops and racing: it all started with mopeds and the webshop After running this webshop for a while it was time for a new challenge. Together with a fellow student of the University of Twente I co-founded a student team. We built an electric racing motorcycle together with 15 other students. After this experience I focused on simracing.

Looking for the best simracing equipment, I can across a new brand: Simagic Dynamic. Simagic builds afoordable direct-drive wheelbases, which can compete with the Fanatec DD1/2 and the Simucube wheelbases. That is why I made the choice to import these products and become the Dutch distributer for these products."

The webshop is the newest player on the simracing market, which distributes the high-quality products in the Dutch market. Our goal is to promote this brand and to show the qualities of these products.